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Beautiful landscapes connect people to nature, drawing people outside-  to socialize, to discover, to unwind. Once outdoors, the opportunity exists to teach people about the environment around them- how wildlife interacts with plants, how light changes through the seasons, or how water manipulates the land.


Those limitless lessons encourage respect for nature beyond the home, fostering a sense of environmental stewardship regionally and beyond. 

I design carefully currated landscapes to bridge that connection of people to the environment. I design beautiful spaces, rooted in nature.

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About the Designer


Lee Armillei



I have been designing, constructing, and managing landscape projects since 2008. From riparian buffer restoration to residential master plans to detail-oriented garden designs, I observe each site carefully and listen to the clients' goals to create the ideal landscape for each space. 

With a background in ecological landscape design, each project I take on is steeped in environmentally--friendly landscape practices, including:

  • using native plants and their cultivars

  • managing stormwater on each site

  • ensuring minimal soil disturbance

  • identifying invasive species

  • sourcing local materials when possible

I utilize this background in ecology and design to create beautiful and immersive landscapes of which my clients can be proud.

I am a member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) and remain active in the industry by attending regular continuing educations sessions as well as teaching fellow horticulturalists and the public alike about garden design and sustainable land management. My residential design workshop is currently offered at both Morris Arboretum and Mt. Cuba Center each winter. In my free time, I can be found digging in my garden, finding solitude in yoga, or spending time with my husband and our four young kids.


Athyrium Design proudly supports the mission of Homegrown National Park. To learn more about this grass-roots effort aimed to connect ecological networks around the world, visit

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